A note to flute makers

This page describes how to create a web link to the FluteTree songbook and have it default to a particular fingering style or flute maker. This is obviously of interest to flute makers that want to direct their customers to the songbook and have the fingering immediately match their flute. The trick is adding ?fs=XYZ to the URL of the songbook web link, where XYZ is a code for a fingering style or flute maker.

A list of flute makers and fingering styles follow. Each include a URL that can be cut and paste into your HTML. If a flute maker would liked to be added to this list, or need additional assistance, please contact the the web master which is listed at the bottom of this page.

Flute makers and fingering styles

FluteTree currently has two other songbooks, one for diatonic and the other for Hopi/Anasazi flutes. These instruments have a significantly different fingering, which results in songs from one songbook may not be accessible across all flutes. For this reason, songs are grouped in separate songbooks.

Contact the site administrator with changes and recommendations.